Paul Edwards, Managing Director & Founder, Prodocom Pty Ltd

“Rob Anderson has been instrumental in turning our sales team into a successful functioning unit. With his help we have been able to restructure the team and provide them with a strong focus on achieving profitable results for the business. Rob has also helped us to design an array of tools that assist the team to monitor our clients and their own performance. This enables the team to focus on both providing the best service to the Clients and keep an eye on their results at the touch of a button.

From a management point of view it is great to see a motivated team who are able to drive themselves through the tools we have been able to provide. We are now targeting areas that are more profitable and justify the time and attention through simple evaluation processes and turn prospects into clients with a far quicker turnaround.

The difference in both the team environment and the teams motivation has meant that at times where other businesses are struggling through tough economic times, we are in fact growing. Positive, motivated and driven staff who have clear goals and objectives provide results and Rob has helped us achieve just that.

To add to that I’ve personally found Rob a great sounding board for ideas and strategies. His ability to draw on the wealth of knowledge at his disposal and apply that to our environment to provide me food for thought has been invaluable.”