“Measuring Customer Relationship Health”

Founded on Research

It has been well-documented that there is a strong correlation between customer satisfaction and intent to re-purchase (loyalty). Also customer intent to refer and recommend has been strongly linked to sales growth. Understanding what drives customer satisfaction, loyalty and referral behaviour by listening to customer feedback is therefore of paramount importance to any organisation wishing to sustain its competitive advantage in an increasingly competitive world.

The Customer Pulse programme gathers objective and frank feedback from your most important customers via personal interview. The approach has been proven during major projects.

Scope of the Customer Pulse Programme

In quantitatively and qualitatively evaluating your company’s performance from your customers’ perspectives, a Customer Pulse Program can include the following elements:

  • Ratings on factors of importance to individual customers and your company.
  • Measures current customer satisfaction ratings on factors of importance as a benchmark against which to measure future improvements.
  • Defines customer perceptions of the benefits and value of the products or service being purchased.
  • Defines whether customer expectations are being met, not met or exceeded.
  • Defines the irritant factors causing adverse impact on customers which may cause a decrease in loyalty, or customer defection.
  • Defines the factors encouraging customer loyalty.
  • Quantitatively defines intent to re-purchase and intent to refer / recommend.
  • Highlights new sales opportunities.
  • Identifies what new and improved products and services customers are most interested in.
  • Defines competition.
  • Identifies the most important investments on service improvements.
  • Defines what actions to take to improve the customer relationship.

Gathering Customer Feedback

Structured interviews are typically conducted face-to-face and by phone using customised and consistent research questionnaires. Face-to-face and phone-based interviews are a rich source of customer feedback.

Important Benefits

The following benefits can be derived from listening to and acting quickly upon customer feedback:

  • Focuses your attention on factors of high priority to your customers.
  • Helps to align your business and account strategy with your major customers’ needs.
  • Creates opportunity to swiftly resolve issues and problems, important in retaining customer loyalty.
  • Encourages longer-lasting customer relationships – improved retention and fewer defections to competitors.
  • Increases customer lifetime value.
  • Increases understanding of the quantitative linkages between customer satisfaction ratings and intent to re-purchase and to refer / recommend.
  • Shows that you care about listening to the customer’s issues and needs.
  • Surfaces new sales opportunities.
  • Increased sales revenues from re-purchasing, more cross-selling of products and services at potentially higher margin.
  • Advocacy – increased willingness to refer the supplier.

Project Expertise

Customer Pulse projects have been conducted within Australia and from Australia & the UK by phone with customers in America, Canada, South America and Africa. References can be provided upon request.