Nicola Lynch, former Sales Development Manager, Asia Pacific Region
Applied Biosystems, part of Life Technologies

“Recently Rob Anderson has trained many of our Asia Pacific sales leaders and sales team members on a well-known sales process. This intervention has complemented the training and consulting work Rob has done with our company over the past few years. In the past, new programs have stalled at the post-training stage due to the lack of a strong implementation strategy. To ensure the successful implementation and cultural integration of new types of sales process, Rob and I spent considerable time before the training delivery talking through the alternate approaches to supporting a diverse and highly dispersed technical sales organisation. Through a professional manner and truly consultative approach, Rob has provided us with a range of tools and touch points which we are starting to roll out to ingrain our new sales process to become habit forming in the sales teams across Asia Pacific. He will work closely with our US operation and AP sales teams in the months ahead to help drive the implementation program and measure its impact.”