Assil Omar, Global Programme Manager – Miller Heiman Sales Process Rollout, Agility

“As a fast-growing logistics business we needed to introduce consistency to some important aspects of our global sales operations, as well as rapidly develop our sales capabilities.

With minimal deliberation we chose Miller Heiman sales processes to help achieve these goals, linked to a comprehensive implementation programme.

From Sydney, Rob Anderson, supported by the Miller Heiman Skills Farm team, led the simultaneous global rollout of two Miller Heiman sales processes.

Rob worked closely with me and our global sales leadership team to design, develop and project manage this high-profile and important enterprise-wide programme. The most critical aspect of the overall programme was the implementation phase post-training, much of which was based on Rob’s designs and experiences.

Our expectations were high – fast deployment of global communications, strong engagement at the most senior levels of the organisation, tight planning, the delivery of over 40 training courses across 30+ countries in 4 months, the need for multi-lingual training delivery and the management of interactions with 800 sales people.

Not surprisingly with a project of this scale we faced some challenges along the way but Rob’s steadfast and proactive partnership proved to be invaluable in keeping us on track and in meeting our demanding goals and expectations. He went a step further by developing a set of tools and templates for us which we use to this day. His passion for the MH tools and achieving success was unwavering.

Rob never approached our wide-scale training initiative as simply “training” but drove home the fact that the success of this initiative relied heavily on behaviour change, leadership involvement, and the use of a variety of metrics to track and measure. He helped us crystallise and communicate to our business leaders the link between the training and business performance. Coming from the learning and development field, one of my most challenging tasks is to get our business leaders’ active and visible participation in a training initiative. Rob’s solid experience in sales and his appreciation of change management played a key role in getting our business leaders on board.”