Metriss Pty Ltd was founded in mid-2006 by Dr Rob Anderson to assist sales leaders and their sales organisations with growing sales revenues. Over the years Rob had seen many sales leaders struggle to make their investments in sales performance improvement initiatives, particularly training-centred, realise their full potential.

People have asked about the origin of the name. It is a derivative of the Greek word – Metron – Metr i s s – measurement in sales and service, anchored in Rob’s science and research background.

With an auspicious launch from Sydney, Rob, supported by an international team, won a global project to roll out two internationally-renowned Miller Heiman sales processes throughout a fast-growing multi-national corporation. The reason for the decision was because of the project’s focus on implementation and the measurement of impact and contribution of the sales processes to the business. Metriss has been acknowledged repeatedly to have made a difference by bringing science to sales performance improvement.

Our Purpose

The reason we exist is:

  • To help sales leaders and their sales teams develop their personal and organisational capabilities to grow their sales revenues.

Our Vision

Our vision is:

  • To be seen internationally as an innovative consulting and training organisation that delivers measurable results.

Our Mission

We will achieve our vision by:

  • Being the best-in-class at what we do.
  • Having an unswerving focus on implementation.
  • Building enduring, trusting, open relationships with our customers and partners.

Our Values

Of extreme importance to us are our values:

  • Results
  • Customer Focus
  • Open Relationships
  • Innovation
  • Quality